Louis-René de Gramont (1883-1963)

Lt. Louis-René de Gramont, Comte de Gramont, of Chateau de Mortefontaine

Associated Houses

Château de Vallière


Château de Mortefontaine


He joined the army in World War I as a Second Lieutenant in the Cavalry before being transferred into the infantry. He fought in the trenches displaying "great bravery" at the defeats of Morhange and Charleroi. In June, 1915, he was severely wounded by a landmine and his sisters, Elisabeth and Corisande, rushed to him and had him transferred from Neufchâteau to the Russian Hospital on the Champs-Elysées. His arm had gone gangrenous but their family friend and pioneering surgeon, Thierry de Martel, operated just in time saving both his life and his hand. He remained in hospital for a further eight months during which time he met his wife, Antoinette de Rochechouart-Mortemart. They were married in August, 1916, and had four children, living between Paris and the Chateau de Mortefontaine next to his childhood home. 
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