Luther Opdyke (1750-1838)

Luther Odycke, J.P., of Kingwood, Huntingdon Co., New Jersey

He was born in Huntingdon County, New Jersey, the younger of the two sons of Joshua Opdyke who inherited several hundred acres from his father and his wife. Luther was commissioned as an Ensign during the Revolution and took part in several battles. For 50-years, he served as a Justice of the Peace and was briefly an Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. As the administrator of his family's lands, he was known locally as, "Squire Opdycke". In 1770, he built "the old red house" (see picture) where all his children were born. "He was a man of strong character and great energy, and that he was progressive in his day and generation is indicated by the fact that he became the owner of several farms, and owned and operated two mills and a distillery... He was a zealous member of the Baptist Church and frequently served as a preacher in the same". He was married three times but all seven of his children were with one wife, Gertrude Hall. He was the grandfather of George Opdyke, 76th Mayor of New York City.
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Image showing "the old red house" built by Luther in 1770