Margaret Curry (1888-1981)

Mrs Margaret (Curry) Chaplin, of "Ellenborough" Maryland

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She was born in Pittsburgh and grew up between 168 South Homewood Avenue and her parents' summer home in Magnolia, Gloucester County, Massachusetts. In 1914, she married William Craig Chaplin (1882-1949), a member of an old Pittsburgh family and Treasurer of the "very successful" Chaplin-Fulton Manufacturing Company, founded by his father. They honeymooned in Panama and the West Indies before returning to live on Broad Street, Sewickley, Pennsylvania. In 1928, they built Ellenborough in Easton, Talbot County, Maryland, which is today recognized as the country house that features in the popular movie, Wedding Crashers. Margaret survived her husband for another 30-years and lived at Ellenborough until her death in 1981. They adopted 2-daughters: Margaret, Mrs Merrick, Lively; &, Kitty, Mrs Spurry, Hazen, Martin.
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