Marguerite (Walker) Westinghouse (1842-1914)

Mrs Marguerite Erskine (Walker) Westinghouse

Associated Houses



Erskine Park


James G. Blaine Mansion

Washington D.C.

She was born at Roxbury in Delaware County, New York. She was an artist and met her future husband - the celebrated inventor - while sharing the same carriage on the Hudson River Railroad. It was love at first sight and a love that would last a lifetime; and, where he was reserved, her outgoing nature helped bring him out of his shell. They were married the following year in 1867 and initially she went everywhere with him as he toured Europe and America selling his air-brake for rail-cars. When they were apart, he made a point of telephoning her everyday. She epitomized the expression, "behind every great man is a great woman". After George died in 1914, she said "I have nothing to live for now" and died just three months later at their summer home, Erskine Park, in Lenox, Massachusetts. She was survived by one son, George, who married the youngest daughter of Sir Thomas Brocklebank 2nd Bt., and lived in Canada.
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