Marion Tapp Parsons (1885-1963)

Mrs "Sunshine" (Parsons) Irwin, MacNeill, Spencer

Associated Houses

Lord Duveen's House

New York City

She grew up in New York City and aged eighteen in 1903 she married to Theodore Dudley Irwin. They went to Colorado Springs but she obtained a divorce from her husband just six years later in 1909 on the grounds of desertion. In Paris in 1910 (the same year in which Theodore died), she married Charles M. MacNeill of Colorado Springs and they moved to New York City where they built the Duveen House. But in 1921 she left for Europe - alone - and did not return to the States until after her husband was dead in 1924. Having sold their townhouse in the same year that he died she lived between 300 Park Avenue and her summer home at Amherst, Massachusetts. The following year (1925) she married Willing Spencer of Philadelphia and "Althorpe" Newport with whom it appears she finally found happiness. She died without children.


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