Martin Thomas Carey (1922-2020)

Martin T. Carey, of New York City & Glen Cove, Long Island

Associated Houses

Winfield Hall

Glen Cove

Seaview Terrace


He was born in Brooklyn, New York, brother of Hugh, 51st Governor of New York. He was educated at St. Augustine's School, St. Francis College, Fordham University, and later St. John's University. In 1942, he enlisted with the U.S. Navy and was captain of an oil tanker transporting gasoline for the army between England and France. On returning to the States, he joined the petroleum transport firm, Peerless (founded by his parents), and later formed his own company, Marine Transport Company (MTC). He was a trained Operatic Tenor and founded the Brooklyn Opera Company which remained a lifelong passion. In 1971, at New York, he married Millicent Zelenka whose father was head of the accounting department of Metro‐Goldwyn‐Mayer studios. They had one daughter, Mrs Denise Bettencourt. Mrs and Mrs Carey owned two of the country's most storied mansions from the Gilded Age - Winfield Hall on Long Island, and Seaview Terrace in Newport - but have been often critized for not maintaining them.
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