Mary Sloan Frick (1851-1936)

Mrs Mary Sloan (Frick) Garrett, Jacobs, of Baltimore

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She was born in Baltimore to a prominent legal family and was educated by tutors. In 1872, she married Robert Garrett who succeeded his father as President of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad but was soon afterwards declared insane and died in 1896. In 1902, she married Dr H. Barton Jacobs who had helped her care for her husband. She established the Robert Garrett Hospital for Children and funded a training school for nurses attached to it. She set up six free clinics and built and equipped the Hospital for Tuberculosis Children. She donated her important and valuable art collection to the Baltimore Art Museum on the condition that the architect John Russell Pope would design the wing in which it was housed. She kept two mansions in Baltimore; she built Whiteholme in Newport; she kept an apartment in Paris; a house in Bar Harbor; and, a suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York. She died without children, leaving $5.5 million.
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