Matthew Tilghman Goldsborough (1812-1861)

Major M. Tilghman Goldsborough, of "Ellenborough" Easton, Maryland

Associated Houses



He was descended on both sides of his family from two of the oldest and most prominent families in Maryland. He was assistant engineer for the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad before settling at Easton to farm. He was President of the Talbot County Agricultural Society and Vice-President of the State Society. In 1860, he built Ellenborough, named for his wife and cousin, Ellen Tilghman (1819-1890). He was described as, "an estimable gentleman... one of the most intelligent and at the same time practical and successful farmers... graced with all gentle and kindly courtesies". His son, Colonel F. Carroll Goldsborough, built Canterbury Manor at Easton in 1906.
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