Patrick Grant II (1886-1927)

Banker & Sportsman of Philadelphia & Northeast Harbor, Maine

He was born at Boston, Massachusetts. He was a grandson of the Canadian Minister of Finance, Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt, and his younger brother was married to a first cousin of U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He graduated from Harvard University (1908) where he played on the Harvard Crimson football team and was selected as a consensus first-team center on the 1907 College Football All-America Team. By 1912, he was running an aviation school at Seabreeze, Florida, during which time he met and married his wife, Marie Sherman Disston. They lived at "Driftwood" Northeast Harbor, Maine, and had one daughter, Patricia.

On the outbreak of World War I, he served with the Royal Canadian Flying Corps. He was a talented amateur golfer but after the war went into banking, managing the statistical department at Townsend, Whelen & Co. in Philadelphia. After a financial failure, he took his own life by throwing himself from the fifth floor of the bank's offices.


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