Pedro Luis Brion (1782-1821)

Admiral Luis BriĆ³n, of Curacao; Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of Colombia

He was born at Curacao and educated in Holland and Philadelphia. He was an ardent proponent of Free Trade who wanted Spain out of the Americas. He fought in the Venezuelan War of Independence and became an Admiral in the Navies of Venezuela and Colombia. He was Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Forces of the Republic of Colombia. He was awarded the Order of Liberators and was one of the principal supporters of Simon Bolivar to whom he was devoted. He was unmarried and almost penniless when he died, having spent his fortune in the name independence. Today, he is remembered by his statue in Brion Square, Curacao. His sister, Charlotte, lived for thirty years at the Gracie Mansion in New York. 
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