Richard Lake Merrick (1917-2003)

Judge Richard L. Merrick, of Evanston, Illinois

Associated Houses



He was born at Evanston, Illinois, where Merrick Park is named for his father. He graduated from Yale and Harvard Law School before serving with the U.S. Army in the Pacific during World War Two. He then became a lawyer first with with Isham, Lincoln & Beale and then at the Continental Illinois National Bank. He was appointed a bankruptcy Judge for the Northern District of Illinois for about 12 years and was President of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. On retiring from the bench, he served as President of the Yale Club of Chicago and enjoyed golf, being referred to as "the Judge" on the course. His stepdaughter recalled, "he was an avid reader and was constantly interested in furthering his knowledge... Our dinnertime conversation always revolved around current events". In 1941, he married his first wife, Margaret Curry Chaplin, and their wedding reception was held at Ellenborough, the house that features in the movie Wedding Crashers. In 1962, he married his second wife, Margot Townsend who survived him. He was also survived by three sons, a daughter, and stepdaughter. 
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