Robert Hale Ives Sr. (1798-1875)

Robert Hale Ives Sr., Merchant, of Brown & Ives, Providence, Rhode Island

Associated Houses

John Brown House


Hales Ives House


He was a partner in Brown & Ives at Providence and on his death his personal fortune was estimated to be in the region of $15 million. He married Harriet Amory and they had three children who survived to adulthood: (1) Elizabeth, married William Gammell, Professor of English Literature at Brown University, and as a wedding present her father gifted them the John Brown House (2) Harriet, died in early adulthood, unmarried (3) Lt. Robert Hale Ives Jr., was unmarried when he died from wounds following the Battle of Antietam. He and his wife retired to the Hales Ives House


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