Sarah Gracie (King) Iselin (1850-1931)

Mrs Sarah Gracie (King) Bronson, Iselin

Associated Houses


Greenfield Hill, Fairfield

She had a reputation for Looking, "rather severely upon certain so-called intruders in the modern social life of the city and to limit her own list to men and women of the older American families whose views of social conduct agreed with hers". She had been a close ally of the Mrs Astor among her "Four Hundred". In 1875, she married Frederic Bronson Jr., and after being widowed for fourteen years was married again in 1914 to Adrian G. Iselin Jr. She was the mother of just one daughter, Elsa, who married Lloyd C. Griscom with whom she lived for a period at the American Embassy in Rome. When she died at 820 Fifth Avenue, she left fifty pearls from the "famous" 100-string Iselin necklace to her each of her grandsons. One grandson, Bronson, was given a portrait of Lord Fairfax by Jansen and four tapestries while the other, Lloyd, was given her summer cottage at bar Harbor, "Colonial Hall". Her husband received her country home at New Rochelle.
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