Sir John Beverley Robinson (1791-1863)

Chief Justice The Hon. Sir John Beverley Robinson 1st Bt., of Toronto

Associated Houses

Beverley House


His family had been settled at the Hewick Plantation in Virginia since 1663. His grandfather was a first cousin of Col. Beverley Robinson, a prominent Loyalist in New York and father of Sir Frederick Philipse Robinson, Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. His father also sided with the Loyalists and fought as an officer with the Queen's Rangers before settling in Upper Canada. John became Chief Justice of Upper Canada and the most important figure within "The Family Compact," ie., the ruling elite of Upper Canada. In 1854 he was created the 1st Baronet of Toronto but the title has been dormant (unclaimed) since 1988. Sir John made his home at Beverley House in Toronto from 1816 until his death. One of his sisters lived at The Grange in Toronto and his youngest daughter lived at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton.
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