Sir Joel Joseph Duveen (1843-1908)

Kt., Founder of Duveen Brothers, Arts Dealers, of London, Paris & New York

He was born at Meppel in Holland. In 1866, he came to Hull in England as an antique dealer and with his brother, Henry, went on to found Duveen Brothers, the most famous art and antiques dealers of the 20th century with branches in London, Paris, New York and Liverpool. In 1908, he donated £35,000 to the Tate Gallery in London with which the Turner Wing was added to display the works of J.M.W. Turner. He was knighted in the same year. He lived from 1894 until his death in 1908 at "The Elms" on Spaniards Road in Hampstead, London - a rambling, red brick, Jacobean-style mansion that was later occupied by Mr and Mrs Clarence Gasque, and still stands today. At his death, his estate was valued at £1.5 million (roughly $7.5-million). He and his wife, Rosetta, were the parents of 12-children (listed) to reach adulthood, notably Lord Duveen.
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