Stephen Jarvis (1756-1840)

Lt.-Colonel Jarvis, Adjutant-General to the Forces in Upper Canada

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He was born at Danbury, Connecticut. He sided with the British during the Revolution and in 1775 joined the Queen's Rangers. He was captured by the Americans in his home town at Connecticut, but managed to escape in a canoe to Long Island, joining the 17th Regiment of Light Dragoons. In 1783, he was evacuated from New York on the H.M.S. Clinton and taken to Nova Scotia. He lived with cousins at Fredericton, New Brunswick, until 1809 when another cousin, William Jarvis (the Provincial Secretary of Upper Canada) invited him to York (Toronto). Taking his wife and six children, Jarvis navigated the St. John River, portaged to the St. Lawrence River and then proceeded by canoe to his destination. On arrival, he received a 1,200-acre land grant and the position of Adjutant-General of the Upper Canadian Militia. He held that post until he was captured by the Americans at the Battle of York in 1813. He then held the sinecure position of Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod to the Parliament of Canada. From 1824 until his death in 1840, he lived at Rosedale, the home of his son, Sheriff Jarvis


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