William Lidderdale (1832-1902)

The Rt. Hon. William Lidderdale P.C., Governor of the Bank of England

Associated Houses

Ascot Place


He was born to British parents at St. Petersburgh, Russia, and educated at Birkenhead, Cheshire. He joined Rathbone Brothers and worked in their New York office for five years before being made a partner and returning to England to establish their London office. He was Director (1870), Deputy Governor (1887) and Governor (1889) of the Bank of England. His tenure is notable for his handling of the Baring's Bank crisis that caused the Panic of 1890. He successfully organized a consortium to rescue Barings and in recognition (after he refused a Baronetcy) he was elected to Her Majesty's Privy Council. He and his wife frequently stayed at and eventually inherited Ascot Place in Berkshire. They also kept a townhouse at 55 Montagu Square, London. William and Mary had eight children and were survived by seven. 


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