William Powell Wilson (1844-1927)

Dr William P. Wilson, of Philadelphia; Professor of Botany etc.

Associated Houses

Normandy Farm

Blue Bell

He graduated from Harvard University (B.S., 1878) and the University of Tubigenen (Sc.D., 1880) in Germany. Having been an instructor at Harvard he was for many years Professor of Botany and Plant Physiology at the University of Pennsylvania. He was the brainchild and founder of the Commercial Museum of Philadelphia and one of the first Presidents of the Botanical Society of America. From 1901 to 1913 he was the owner of the storied Normandy Farm, now best associated with thoroughbred racing since he sold it to the heiress of the Singer Sewing Machine Co.


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Image from The Botanists of Philadelphia and their Works (1899) in the Public Domain