Arryl House

Germantown, Columbus County, New York

Built in 1793, for "The Chancellor" Robert Livingston (1746-1813) and his wife, Mary Stevens (1751-1814). When the British burned Clermont Manor in 1777 they also torched a small frame farmhouse that had been the country home of Chancellor Livingston before the war. In 1793, he built this new, grand neo-classical mansion, decidedly French in style, about a quarter of a mile south of his mother's house that he called "Old Clermont". To the everlasting confusion of historians, he named his new house "Clermont," though it was later known as "Idele" (when purchased by the Misses Emily and Annie Clarkson) and then "Arryl House".... 

This house is best associated with...

Robert Robert Livingston Jr.

Robert R. Livingston "The Chancellor" 1st Chancellor of New York


Mary (Stevens) Livingston

Mrs Mary (Stevens) Livingston


Montgomery Livingston

Montgomery Livingston, Artist, of "Arryl House" Clermont, Columbia Co., New York


Annie Clarkson

Miss Annie Clarkson, of Potsdam; died unmarried


Here, Livingston held his Court of Chancery and directed the operations of his experimental farm where he raised exotic fruit trees and vegetables, and tested the use of lime as a fertilizer. The Clermont farm later raised one of America's first herds of Merino sheep and his spring sheep shearings gained national attention. Arryl was destroyed by a grass fire in 1909 and its ruins are visible just south of the parking lot at Clermont
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