Chateau d'Osmoy

Château d'Osmoy, Saint-André-de-l'Eure, Normandy

Built circa 1770, for Henri Lebœuf (1740-1814), Sieur and Seigneur d'Osmoy. The Lebœuf  d'Osmoy family had been seated here since the 12th century and Henri knocked down an earlier chateau to build this in its place. In 1899, his heir and direct descendant Romain d'Osmoy (1863-1920), Vicomte d'Osmoy married the American heiress, Susan Dresser, by which time Romain was living at the Château du Plessis-Bouquelon and most likely rented out his ancestral home. In 1903, Romain's sister-in-law, Mrs Natalie Brown, used the Chateau d'Osmoy as inspiration for her summer home in America, Harbor Court, which is today home to the prestigious New York Yacht Club at Newport. Today, the Chateau d'Osmoy is available to hire for weddings with bedrooms. 
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