East Lake Road, Tuxedo, Orange Co., New York

Built in 1887, for Pierre Lorillard IV (1833-1901) and his wife, Emily Taylor (1841-1925). Lorillard and his brother, Jacob, were the co-founders of the ultra exclusive enclave known as Tuxedo Park. He commissioned the architect James Brown Lord to build him this 13,000-square foot stucco "cottage" for his own use on the eastern shore of Tuxedo Lake. Its notable interior features include the beamed frieze ceilings and the Jacobean-oak panelled Dining Room. But, just the following year, Lorillard sold it on to George F. Baker, "the wealthiest man in Tuxedo Park," nicknamed the "Titan of Tuxedo". He spent part of every year summer here up until his death in 1931 and the following year his son sold it to Reginald LaGrange Auchincloss (1891-1984). It remained in the Auchincloss family up until 2002 when it was placed on the market for $5.35 million.

This house is best associated with...

Pierre Lorillard IV

Tobacco Manufacturer & Co-Founder of Tuxedo Park, New York


Emily (Taylor) Lorillard

Mrs Emily (Taylor) Lorillard


George Fisher Baker

George F. Baker, President of the First National Bank of New York


Florence Tucker Baker

Mrs Florence Tucker (Baker) Baker


Reginald LaGrange Auchincloss

Reginald LaGrange Auchincloss, Sr., of Tuxedo Park, New York


Ruth (Cutting) Auchincloss

Mrs Ruth Hunter (Cutting) Auchincloss


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Image Courtesy of the New York Digital Heritage Collection; Tuxedo Park Opens the Gates, The New York Times


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