John F. Dodge Mansion

Harbor Hill, Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Built 1920, for John Francis Dodge (1864-1920) and his wife, Matilda Rausch (1883-1967). This Tudor-Revival mansion was to be their weekend/summer home but when John died before its completion his widow did not continue with the project, instead later focusing her attentions on Meadow Brook Hall. The 100-room mansion that had cost $4 million was neither finished nor ever occupied. It was finally demolished in 1941 and the Harbor Hill neighbourhood was developed shortly afterwards.

This house is best associated with...

John Francis Dodge

John Francis Dodge, of Detroit; Co-Founder of the Dodge Motor Company


Matilda (Rausch) Wilson

Mrs Matilda (Rausch) Dodge, Wilson; 43rd Lieutenant-Governor of Michigan


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