Philipse Manor Hall

29 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, Westchester, New York

The oldest part of the house was built in 1682 for Frederick Philipse (1626-1702), 1st Lord of the Manor of Philipsborough, and his wife Margaret Hardenbroeck (1637-1691). The Manor of Philipsborough encompassed some 52,000 acres and passed from their son to their great-grandson, Frederick Philipse III (1720-1785) who sided with the British during the Revolution and left for England in 1783. All his estates were seized by the state of New York and subdivided into some 200 lots. Most of the Manor became present day Putnam County and the other major holdings were purchased by the Beekman family. It is better known today as "Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site" and is run as a popular house museum. It stands just north of Rockefeller's Rockwood Hall

This house is best associated with...

Frederick Philipse I

Frederick Philipse, 1st Lord of Philipsburg Manor, New York


Margaret (Hardenbroeck) Philipse

Mrs Margarieta/Margaret (Hardenbroeck) de Vries, Philipse


Adolphus Philipse

Adolphus Philipse, of Philipse Manor Hall, New York


Frederick Philipse III

Frederick Philipse, of Philipse Manor Hall, Yonkers, New York


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ann A fox's ancestor, Frederick Philipse I, owned Philipse Manor Hall

ann A fox's ancestor, Margaret (Hardenbroeck) Philipse, owned Philipse Manor Hall