5 Halidon Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island

Built for William W. Fox, President of the New York Gas Light Company, it was originally called "Bay Terrace". It was then purchased by Judge Hugh T. Dickey (1811-1892) who changed its name to "Riviera". Mrs Dickey put it on the map as one of the most fashionable cottages to be seen at during the Newport season....

This house is best associated with...

Hugh Thompson Dickey

Judge Hugh T. Dickey, of Chicago & 473 Fifth Avenue, New York City


Frances (de Koven) Dickey

Mrs Frances Russell (de Koven) Dickey


In 1903, Mrs Natalie (Dresser) Brown paid $150,000 for its superb waterfront position. She knocked it down and built Harbour Court in its place which is today the clubhouse for the New York Yacht Club at Newport.

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