Abraham Walton (1739-1796)

Brewer of New York City & "Pembroke" Musquito Cove, Long Island

He was a brewer in 1772, "carrying on the brewery of Mrs Elizabeth Rutgers". In 1775, he was elected to the Committee of One Hundred to take control of the government and was a delegate to the Provincial Congress in the same year. As the war progressed, he became less enamoured with the Patriot cause and turned to the Loyalists. As a result in 1779 his house "Pembroke" was sacked by the Whigs and his plate and money was stolen. He was taken out of his bed and carried into Connecticut. After the war, he returned to New York City where he lived at 52 Greenwich Street (valued at $10,000) and afterwards at 137 Water Street. He was survived by six children including: Maria Roosevelt, great-grandmother of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt; and, Charlotte Ogden, grandmother of the real estate tycoons Robert and Ogden Goelet.
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