Benjamin Woolsey (1720-1771)

Benjamin Woolsey J.P., of "Dosoris" Glen Cove, Long Island, New York

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Glen Cove

He graduated from Yale and succeeded his brother at "Dosoris" on Long Island, where he was a Justice in the "commission of the peace". He was married twice. In 1749, he married his first wife, Esther, whose father was a merchant at Norwalk, Connecticut, and was a convert from Judaism. After she died, in 1757 he married Anne, daughter of Dr George Muirson, of Old Field, Long Island. He had three children with his first wife and seven with his second. They included: Mrs Sarah Rogers, who lived at 7 State Street in New York City and whose husband was in business with her half-brother, William W. Woolsey; Mrs Mary Dwight, whose husband was the President of Yale University; Mrs Elizabeth Dunlap whose husband was a pioneer of American theater; and, George M. Woolsey, an influential shipping merchant who retired to Casina.
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The History of the Descendants of John Dwight, of Dedham, Mass, Volume 2 (1884), by Benjamin Woodbridge Dwight