Bessie (Montague) Merryman (1864-1964)

Mrs Bessie Love (Montague) Merryman

She was born at "Loveton," Cockeysville near Baltimore, Maryland. She was the favorite aunt of the Duchess of Windsor who was christened 'Bessie' in her honor. It was Mrs Merryman who acted as chaperone to her niece at Villa Lou Viei during the abdication crisis. In his memoirs, the Duke of Windsor recalled the advice she gave him: "You can always marry someone else. You can never again be King". The Duke did not heed her advice, and Bessie was present at their wedding in 1937. She married D. Buchanan Merryman but was widowed shortly afterwards. She celebrated her 100th birthday at Wakefield Manor, the 1,100-acre estate at Huntly, Virginia, which was hosted by the daughter, Mrs Newbold Noyes, of her first cousin. She died without childen.
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