Bryce James Allan (1862-1924)

Bryce J. Allan, Manager of the Allan Shipping Line at Boston

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Tupper Manor

Pride's Crossing, Beverly Farms

He was born in Montreal where he grew up at Ravenscrag. He was educated at Bishop's College School, Lennoxville (Quebec), and in France and Germany. After his father died in 1882 he was made a partner in the family-owned Allan Shipping Line and in addition he received one fourth of his estate that after his sisters had been provided for gave him about $1.75-million. He managed the Allan Line at Boston. He was a member of the Somerset, Country, Myopia, Eastern Yacht, and Essex County clubs in Massachusetts; and, the Union, Knickerbocker and Tuxedo clubs in New York. "His dinners at the Somerset have been famous, and his horseflesh and turnouts equally so. He is devoted to the drama, and is one of the most prominent first-nighters". In 1896, he married Anna Palfrey and the reception was held at Woodrock, the summer home of her first cousin Mrs Herbert M. Sears. They lived between 255 Beacon and Allanbank.
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Image Courtesy of the McCord Museum, Montreal; Boston Sunday Globe -April 5, 1896