Charles Franklin Torrey (1858-1927)

Charles F. Torrey, of Heacham, Norfolk; Chairman of Atlantic Transport Lines

Born at Livorno in Tuscany, Italy, to American parents. He graduated in law from Trinity College, Cambridge. In London, he became the managing agent for the Atlantic Transport Line organized by his close friend Bernard N. Baker and financed by his soon-to-be brother-in-law, Edward Berwind. He sat on several boards and was Commissioner of Taxes for the City of London. He was Chairman of Frederick Leyland & Co., and of the London General Shipowner's Society. When his brother-in-law, Edward Berwind, died, aside from Berwind's unmarried sister, Julia, the other principal beneficiary of his immense estate (valued at some $34 million) was Charles' wife, Margaret. Margaret's sister lived at Heacham Hall in Norfolk and the Torreys kept a weekend house, Mill House, on her estate, otherwise living in London. When Charles died, his obituary recalled that he, "possessed a distinctive manner of extreme courtesy".  
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