Charles McEvers (1739-1808)

Charles McEvers Sr., Merchant, of New York

He was born at New York City. His first wife, Margaret, daughter of Simon Johnson, Recorder of the City of New York, died in childbirth. In 1763, he married his second wife, Mary, sister of Gulian Verplanck, the Speaker of the New York Assembly and President of the Bank of New York who saved the life of the future King William IV when he fell through a hole in the ice while they were skating together in New York. Charles was the father of one daughter by his first wife and five children by his second: (1) Margaret, married British Captain Thomas Bibby, of New York City (2) Charles McEvers Jr., President of the New York Insurance Company, married Mary Bache, then Margaret Cooper (3) Annette, married William Peter Van Ness, of Lindenwald; (4) Julian McEvers, married Elizabeth LeRoy, sister of his business partner, Herman LeRoy (5) Mary, married U.S. Secretary of State, Edward Livingston (6) Eliza, married Edward's elder brother, Major John R. Livingston, of Massena, New York.
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