Consuelo Yznaga (1853-1909)

Lady Consuelo (Yznaga) Montagu, 8th Duchess of Manchester

Consuelo was one of the original Buccaneers and her life was the basis for her friend Edith Wharton's book of the same name. In New York, Consuelo was best friends with Alva Vanderbilt whose sister married her brother, Fernando. Consuelo met her husband (then styled Viscount Mandeville) at her father's country estate near Morristown, New Jersey. They were married in 1876 and Consuelo moved to England with him where she quickly became a favorite within the Royal circle. She dedicated herself to several charitable causes, notably in favor of the relief of poverty and improvements in health and education. The famous "Manchester Tiara" that was created for her by Tiffany's is now on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. In 1901, she was the sole benefactor of her brother's $3 million estate (he cut out his other two sisters). At that time, she was living between Tandragee, Co. Armagh, and 45 Portman Square, London.
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