Egerton Leigh Winthrop, Jr. (1862-1926)

Egerton L. Winthrop, Jr., President of the Board of Education of New York

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E.L. Winthrop House


He was born in Paris and only returned to America to attend Harvard. He went on to study law at Columbia and after being admitted to the New York bar he became a partner with his brother, Bronson, in the firm of Winthrop & Stimson on Wall Street. He served as President of the New York City Board of Education (1906-1913) and was the legal guardian of John Jacob Astor VI whose father went down with the Titanic. He lived at an apartment in 1115 Fifth Avenue, New York, and summered at Quatrel, his father's old home in Newport. In 1914, his brother transferred ownership of Nassau Hall (see pictures) to him at Muttontown, Long Island. After tax, his estate was valued at just under $1.2 million. His New York home was left to his wife and his Newport home was inherited by his daughter. In 1890, he married Emmeline, daughter of John Gerard Heckscher and a great-granddaughter of Stephen Whitney, one of New York's five millionaires in 1830. They had one daughter.


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