Helen Maitland Armstrong (1869-1948)

Helen Maitland Armstrong, of New York City; Stained Glass Artist

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She was born at Florence, Italy. She studied at the Art Students League of New York but received much of her artistic training from her father, a renowned stained glass artist himself, who made her a junior partner in his firm, Maitland Armstrong & Co. Although her stained glass is considered among the finest in America at the height of its Gilded Age, ranking alongside the work of her father's friends Louis Comfort Tiffany and John La Farge, she also worked on mosaics, murals, and - with her sister Margaret Neilson Armstrong - illustrations. She created many works with her father still seen in various churches and colleges across the country. Her "exceptional" solo work also appeared in dozens of churches and governmental buildings, and she received many private commissions for houses, eg. in the Armory at 477 Madison Avenue, as well as designing 16-windows using a 15th-century painted-glass technique for Alva Belmont's private mausoleum in Woodlawn Cemetery. Her masterpiece is generally agreed to be the east window at Old St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Maryland. The Metropolitan Museum in New York holds a collection of her drawings and watercolors for stained glass windows as well as designs for an altarpiece and a mural. She died in the house in which she grew up, 58 West 10th Street in New York City, unmarried. 
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