Hubert Templeton Parson (1872-1940)

Hubert T. Parson, President of F.W. Woolworth & Co.

Associated Houses

Shadow Lawn (1929)

West Long Branch

Shadow Lawn (1903)

West Long Branch

He was born in Toronto, and started his business career in 1892 as a book-keeper with F.W. Woolworth & Co., on a salary of $12/week. He rose rapidly through the ranks and when Frank Woolworth died in 1919, Parson succeeded him a President. By 1929, the company had 2,100 stores spread throughout five countries, due in a large part to Parson's enterprise. He married Maysie, sister of Clarence Gasque, Director of Woolworth's in England. They lived between 1071 Fifth Avenue, New York; Shadow Lawn in Monmouth County, New Jersey; and 72 Avenue Foch in Paris. He gave away his niece, Maysie Robinson, in marriage and she lived at the Christie Mansion in Toronto.
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