Hugh Dillman (1885-1956)

"Hugh Dillman" McGaughy, Actor & Real Estate Agent, of Palm Beach, Florida

Associated Houses

Playa Riente

Palm Beach

Rose Terrace (1934)

Grosse Pointe

Samuel P. Bush House

Marble Cliff, Columbus

He was born Hugh Dillman McGaughy in Ohio, and dropping his surname became an actor. Having appeared in several shows on Broadway, he served as a recruiter for the U.S. Navy during World War I. Returning to the stage, he got a role in the silent movies in 1919, starring in An Amateur Widow where his character ends up marrying a wealthy widow. In the same year, he married the well-known Hollywood star Marjorie Rambeau but they divorced just four years later. Ironically - but perhaps not coincidently - in 1926 he then married the widowed Mrs Anna Dodge - fourteen years his senior - who that same year had become one of the richest women in the world. They had first met soon after his divorce in 1923 while touring Venice, and three years later - by which time he had moved into real estate in Palm Beach - he was the realtor who sold her Playa Riente. For just over twenty years, Hugh enjoyed an annual allowance in excess of $100,000 and a trust fund worth $6 million. Despite separating in 1940 and divorcing in 1947, Anna always gave him credit as being the one who, "taught me how to have fun with my money". After their divorce, Hugh continued to run his real estate business and orchard nursery in Palm Beach, and eventually retired to the former Bush Mansion.


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