Lucy (Drexel) Dahlgren (1867-1944)

Mrs Lucy Wharton (Drexel) Dahlgren

Associated Houses

Champ Soleil


Dahlgren-Cartier House


The Homestead


She was the niece of the legendary international financier, Anthony Joseph Drexel (1826-1893), and her father was sent to oversee the family's banking concerns in New York where she grew up. Her sister, Bessie (later Baroness Decies) was a leading social commentator/author. Lucy inherited $20 million from her father before receiving a further $5 million on her mother's death. She was a devout Catholic and divorced her husband in 1912 on the grounds of his "misconduct". From then on, she divided her time between her homes in Manhattan, Newport and France. 


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Colonial And Revolutionary Families Of Pennsylvania. By John Woolf Jordan