Montgomery Livingston (1816-1855)

Montgomery Livingston, Artist, of "Arryl House" Clermont, Columbia Co., New York

Associated Houses

Arryl House


He studied art in Europe, primarily in Geneva, Switzerland, from 1831 to 1838. He returned to America where he married Mary Swartwout and lived at Arryl House which was built by his maternal grandfather "The Chancellor" next door to Clermont Manor. Montgomery was a landscape painter though his style separated him from the Hudson River School. He enjoyed some success but is not recognized as one of the greats and he died leaving significant debts so that Arryl House was put up for auction. It was then purchased by the Misses Annie and Emily Clarkson. However, later Montgomery's widow remarried his cousin and neighbour, Clermont Livingston, and from 1880 Arryl House became their home. He died without children.


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