Ralph Stonor (1884-1968)

Ralph Francis Julian Stonor, 5th Baron Camoys, of Stonor Park, Oxfordshire

Associated Houses

Stonor Lodge


Stonor Park


He was the direct representative of one of England's oldest and most prominent Catholic families. His family home, Stonor Park, has a 12th century private chapel attached to it. He was a great-grandson of the British Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel (1788-1840). Lord Camoys espoused the movement for pure food reform and was elected Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Pure Food and Health Society. Too old for active servce, during World War II he served as a Captain with the Home Guard. He married an American heiress, Mildred, whose mother's family founded Brown University in 1764. They lived between Stonor Park in England and Stonor Lodge in Newport, Rhode Island. Lord Camoys outlived his wife and died at the latter in the USA.
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