Robert Bonner Bowler (1803-1864)

Robert B. Bowler, of "Mount Storm" Cincinnati, Ohio

Associated Houses

Mount Storm


He was born at Providence, Rhode Island. He came to Cincinnati in the 1820s and established what would become a hugely successful dry goods business on Pearl Street. He was later joined in the business by his brother-in-law, Elliott Hunt Pendleton, before selling up to concentrate on his new role as President of the Kentucky Central Railroad. Bowler was dubbed one of the seven "Barons of Clifton" and also served as Mayor of Clifton. In 1842, at Cincinnati, he married Susan, a grand-daughter of Judge Nathaniel Pendleton, of Placentia in New York. They were the parents of six children, three of whom survived childhood: George & Robert (who married the sisters May and Alice Williamson); and, Louise, Mrs John Callendar Livingston. Bowler built the magnificent Mount Storm on land that is today commemorated as Mount Storm Park.


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