Robert Thong Livingston (1759-1813)

Robert Thong Livingston, of "Linlithgo" Manor of Livingston, New York

Associated Houses

The Hermitage


His father's inheritance having been curtailed, his grandfather designated him to become the 4th Lord of the Manor of Livingston but the old manorial system of landownership was dissolved after the Revolution and Robert therefore did not inherit the title. He grew up at The Hermitage where his initials were scratched onto one of the windows in the southeast room on the main floor. He inherited the house in 1794 but sold it soon afterwards to his first cousin, Henry Walter Livingston, to settle his father's debts. In 1800, he dismantled "Linlithgo," the original manor house at the mouth of Roeliff Jansen's Kill built by his ancestor, Robert, 1st Lord of the Manor of Livingston.
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