Samuel Gouverneur (1720-1778)

Samuel Gouverneur, West Indian Merchant, of New York City

He was born at New York City and was a brother-in-law of Lewis Morris, Speaker of the New York General Assembly. In about 1748, he married Experience, daughter of Joseph and Mary Johnson of Newark, New Jersey, whose portrait hangs at Winterthur. They were the parents of eleven children to reach adulthood: (1) Isaac, Senior Partner in the firm of Gouverneur & Kemble, married firstly Elizabeth Peacham and after divorcing her for adultery, Alida Gouverneur (2) Margaret, married Lewis Ogden, of Newark (3) Nicholas, of Gouverneur & Kemble, married Hester Kortright, sister of First Lady Elizabeth (Kortright) Monroe (4) Mary, married the Rev. Uzal Ogden (5) Gertrude, married Peter Kemble II, of Gouverneur & Kemble (5) Anthony, married Martha Elizabeth Bussing (6) Hannah, married Charles Ogden (7) Sarah, married Lt. Samuel Reading (8) Rebecca, married Captain Thomas Bibby, British Deputy Adjutant-General at New York (9) Samuel, married Mary Philipse (10) Joseph, died unmarried.
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