Wadsworth Dawson Busk (1804-1873)

Wadsworth Dawson Busk, Merchant, of Ascot Place, Winkfield, Berkshire

Associated Houses

Ascot Place


He was a grandson of Sir Wadsworth Busk (1730-1811), son of a very wealthy French wool merchant engaged in the Russian trade in Sweden, who became Attorney-General of the Isle of Man and Treasurer of Middle Temple. W.D. Busk also entered the Russian Trade and became a merchant at St. Petersburgh in the firm of Thielcke & Busk, during which time he kept a home in England at 1 Marine Parade, Lowestoft, in Suffolk. On retiring, he purchased Ascot Place, Winkfield, Berkshire. He died leaving an estate valued at £140,000. His widow continued to live at Ascot Place and she was joined there by their daughter, Mary, and her husband, William Lidderdale, Governor of the Bank of England. Wadsworth and Elizabeth had at least five children.


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