William Rhinelander (1753-1825)

William Rhinelander, of Rhinelander & Sons, Sugar Merchants, of New York

He was born in New York City. His grandfather, Philip Jacob Rhinelander (1686-1778), emigrated from Alsace after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes and acquired significant amounts of land in Manhattan and around Yorkville. William and his brothers managed their grandfather's real estate and established the well-known Rhinelander Sugar Refinery in New York. They were also brewers and traded in cutlery and glassware. From 1810 until his death, William lived at No. 243 Broadway, in the house next door to Philip Hone, political diarist and former Mayor of New York City. In 1785, William married Mary, daughter of Colonel Robert who fought alongside Washington during the Revolution. William and Mary were the parents of seven children. Their eccentric grand-daughter, Gertrude, built the mansion at 867 Madison Avenue
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