Dexter House

1721 South Prairie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Built in 1863, for Wirt Dexter (1832-1890) and his wife, Josephine Moore (1846-1937). Dexter was a native of Michigan and a prominent attorney who served as President of the Chicago Bar Association. He was the son of a Judge and the grandson of Samuel Dexter, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under President John Adams. His daughter, Katharine, who grew up here was a well-known pioneer of women's rights and almost single-handedly funded the research for the development of "the pill"....

This house is best associated with...

Wirt Dexter

Wirt Dexter, President of the Chicago Bar Association


Josephine Moore

Mrs Josephine (Moore) Dexter


The Dexter house featured a cupola and in 1889 he added a large brick extension to the front of the house which irked his neighbor, George Pullman, who preferred to see large lawns in front of houses. The next owners - Henry Harrison Walker (1840-1917) and his wife, Jessie Spalding - pulled down the original house and moved the large brick addition back to the center of the lot, but that was also demolished by 1921.

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