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Seven Springs

Mount Kisco, Westchester County, New York

Completed in 1917, for Eugene Meyer (1875-1959) and his wife Agnes Elizabeth Ernst (1887-1970). Meyer was Chairman of the Federal Reserve, President of the World Bank Group and publisher of the Washington Post. Located 38-miles north of New York City, the limestone and granite mansion of 55 rooms covers 39,000 square feet and was designed by the architect Charles A. Platt. Bought by Donald Trump in 1995, in addition to Mar-a-Lago it has been another weekend and summer home to his family. 
In her biography of Katherine (Meyer) Graham (1917-2001), Carol Felsenthal refrred to Seven Springs as "that monument to ill-gotten wealth filled with its unfathomable art". But, by 1973, Seven Springs had become a conference center established by Yale University, pursuant to a bequest made by Mrs Meyer who died at the house in 1970.

In 1995, the same year in which Trump was required to convert Mar-a-Lago into a club, he found $7.5 million to purchase Seven Springs and its 213-acre estate. 

In 2009, Trump rented a corner of the estate to the controversial Libyan de facto ruler, Colonel Gaddafi (1942-2011), who erected his signature bedouin-style tent there. In 2013, Trump received approval to develop 100-acres of his property, but was refused permission to build a golf course on the estate after losing a nine year battle with local residents.  

Eric Trump, who proposed to his girlfriend on the estate, is yet to confirm whether he will be building the eight new houses that would transform the estate. The Trumps were also granted permission to renovate the mansion itself and another on the estate - Nonesuch, the Tudor-style mansion that once belonged to the family of Henry John Heinz (1844-1919).