Daniel Joachim Coster (b.c.1804)

Daniel J. Coster, of New York City

Associated Houses

Coster Mansion

Throgg's Neck

Coster Mansion

579 Broadway

He was a younger son of one of New York's first five millionaires. He lived at 234 West 14th Street, New York City, and had an auction house, Hone & Coster. Former Mayor Philip Hone was a first cousin of his aunt, Mrs Magdalena Coster, and it was therefore likely that his business partner was also a cousin of sorts. In 1838, he built the Coster Mansion, then in Westchester County. In 1835, he married Julia DeLancey, whose father co-owned West Farms, Westchester County, with her uncle. Julia was a great-granddaughter of Stephen DeLancey. They had at least one son, Harry
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