Edith (Warren) Miller (1866-1944)

Mrs Edith Caroline (Warren) Miller

Associated Houses

William Starr Miller House

1048 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

She was born at 145 Madison Avenue, New York. She was a niece of the Egyptologist, scholar and travel writer, Stephen Whitney Phoenix. Her brothers included the prominent architect Whitney Warren and Lloyd Elliot Warren who founded the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design in New York City. She was introduced into society in 1884 at "a little dance" given for 200-guests at the her elder sister's new home, the Robert Goelet House. She was married in 1886 and they were the parents of one daughter, the eccentric Lady Queenorough. They lived between their city mansion, the William Starr Miller House, their country home in Rhinebeck and their summer home in Newport. In 1902, she was reported as owning jewellery valued at $700,000, and at the time there were only 15-women in New York whose collection was worth more than hers. 
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