Edith (May) Whitney (1854-1899)

Mrs Edith Sybil (May) Randolph, Whitney

Associated Houses

Whitney Mansion

871 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan

The Manse

Old Westbury

She was a first cousin of Hermann Oelrichs whose mother was Julie May. In 1876, she was engaged to the legendary owner of the New York Herald, Gordon Bennett, but the breaking off of the engagement led to Bennett and Edith's brother, Frederick, facing off in what would be the last duel fought on American soil, told here. The following year (1878), she became the second wife of an English landowner, Arthur Randolph Randolph, who died just seven years later. Returning to the States, Edith then became the mistress of J.P. Morgan before marrying William C. Whitney in 1896. She died falling from her horse while riding to hounds on her Long Island estate, The Manse.


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