George McCully (1752-1793)

Major George McCully, Commander of Fort Washington, Cincinnati

He served in the Revolutionary war under George Washington and was, "an intimate friend of the great commander". He was one of the original members of the Society of the Cincinnati. At the conclusion of the war, he was sent in command of a company of men to Fort Duquesne to protect the settlers from the natives. The journal he kept while travelling to the Northwest Frontier (1783) is in the collection of the Library of Congress. He was afterwards appointed Assistant Commissary-General and was sent to establish Fort Washington in Cincinnati. While there, he fell victim to fever and died. He married Ann Irish, daughter of Captain Nathaniel Irish (1737-1816), one of the first settlers of Pittsburgh. They were the parents of one daughter: Eliza, Mrs Boyle Irwin, who was the grandmother of George McCully Laughlin, of Lenmarkee, Pittsburgh.
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