Harold Brown (1865-1900)

Merchant, of 459 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island

Associated Houses

Nightingale–Brown House


Brown-Slocum House


He grew up at the Nightingale-Brown House in Providence, Rhode Island, and is often confused with Four Hundred member William Harold Brown, aka W. Harold Brown, who died in 1913. He educated by private tutors before entering Brown University, co-founded by his great-grandfather, Nicholas Brown. He left after just one year and continued his studies at home and abroad. He went into business with his brother, forming J.N. & H. Brown. In 1892, he married Georgie, sister of Lady Camoys and daughter of Willam Watts Sherman whose second wife was Brown's own sister, Sophia. They lived at 459 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island, and wintered at 382 Fifth Avenue, New York, in the year he died. They died without children, and he left his estate to his nephew, John Nicholas Brown II, of Harbour Court.
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